Wine with your Easter Lamb

As Lamb is the traditional Roast to be served today, Easter Sunday. I thought I would share with you a few suggestions for wine pairings, which might help bring a little smile to your face during these strange times.

I would generally go for a young lamb served pink. This would make the meat lighter, lovely and tender. For this I would reach for a New World Pinot Noir, from a cooler climate. These are generally fruit driven with primary red berry flavours backed up with those signature Pinot Noir earthy tones rounded of with natural acidity and fine tannins. My pick for this could be the wine featured in our previous Blog – The English Organic Pinot Noir from Davenport. This wine, with its juicy Cherries and slight touch of oak will complement the delicate meat and traditional vegetables. However, unfortunately for me my wife would be hopping away from the Easter dinner table if I was to serve up a perfectly pink Lamb! She isn’t alone in this as the majority of Lamb served today will be medium to well done.

Medium to well done lamb will not be as tender as it’s pink counterpart. It will have cooked for longer which will have helped develop a richer flavour. As the meat is less delicate it can cope with a more fuller-bodied red wine. Today could be the day when you reach for you bottle of Bordeaux. The Cabernet-Merlot blend are a true match for Roast Lamb. These blends generally carry with them darker fruit, a light touch of spice and deeper tannins. These tannins work well in making the lamb feel more tender which, in turn will make your wine feel smoother. For me I would be looking for something with a little more acidity which will help cut through the fat of a Sunday dinner (my wife often shows her distain in the amount of butter I use – it just makes everything taste so bloody good!) I will be opening a bottle of Plan B!, Cabernet-Sangiovese from Australia. This wine has bags full of darker fruit and earthy flavours of Bay Leaf with leather spice from the Cabernet, all of which works amazing well with the developed flavour and texture of the roast lamb. Plan B is blended with Sangiovese, the grape the Italians use in Chianti. Being an Italian grape it is a big food grape which brings with it a lovely acidity. This acidity in Plan B is balanced perfectly to help carry those bold tannins and bring with it a lip smacking smooth red I shall be enjoying on this Easter Sunday.

I know for many this Easter Sunday will be a big change to the Easter Sunday we are used to. However, now is the time to enjoy a nice, homecooked meal with a lovely glass of wine.

Happy Easter Everyone,

Stay Home (Drink Wine) – Stay Safe – Protect the NHS


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